Le Vieux Port entre Flammes et Flots

Promenade around the Vieux-Port from 8.30 pm to11.30 pm


The Vieux-Port invites you this week-end to discover it in a new light. The Carabosse Company will deploy in the Port its language of intimate and dancing flames. For two evenings, at nightfall, the audience will be able to walk around the whole of the Vieux-Port, thanks to the creation of a pontoon the famous Transborder Bridge. The Carabosse company is celebrated worldwide for the poetry of its conflagrations which, unlike fireworks, illuminate scenes with candles or flames. The whole of the Vieux-Port will peacefully experience the wonderful atmosphere.

Production : Karwan.
Coproduction : Marseille-Provence 2013, Capitale européenne de la culture
Partenaires financiers : Marseille Provence Métropole - partenaire principal -
Ville de Marseille et Conseil général des Bouches du Rhône - principal partenaire
de « La Folle Histoire des Arts de la Rue ».